With the renewed interest in bringing back the older TV game shows of the 50's and 60's,  Bob has produced an amazing new show with a Game Show twist.  Using his amazing gift to read the thoughts of others and to predict what they will do from moment to moment this new show will keep you on the edge of your chair from the very second Bob takes the stage.   Bob's version of such shows like The Match Game, To Tell The Truth,  and Card Sharks to name but a few.  Also, do you remember when a gas station or new grocery store would open they would have a contest to guess how many pennies or sweets were in a jar ?  In Bob's version the winner gets a collectable that has brought down the house at every show since it was introduced.

Bob is also an acclaimed award winning artist and every member of the audience has the opportunity to win some of his art as he gives away four of his paintings at every show.  Every volunteer gets a prize from fine Tuscan wine to 24k Gold Playing Cards.  In all every Mind Game Show there is over $500.00 worth of very nice prizes for the audience.  There is constant amazement from this gift that has even baffled scientists, all with fun in mind.